• Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
National Petition

Say Yes To Health Freedom

Stand up and be part of a historic movement that sees Canada at the forefront of a truly progressive and sustainable health care system. We need a unified voice that lets our leaders know we are asking for a change in the laws that govern natural health, natural health products and the ability to think for ourselves. A single petition with millions of signatures is a reminder to yourself and government that we are competent to make decisions about our own body.

Help us reach our goal of 3 million signatures to send a crystal clear message to government that as the people of this country, we want change. We can see the Charter of Health Freedom become part of Canadian law.

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Download The National Petition

adobe_acrobatDownload Charter of Health Freedom Petition (letter size / legal size)
adobe_acrobatDownload A Poster To Help Explain The Petition



Take It Wherever You Go

Take it to work, school, your neighborhood, family events, social clubs, community events, parties,sports events,
your house of worship, shopping, and the doctor's office.



Get 25 Signatures

That's all you need to make one petition count. Watch so all the right information is entered. Don't sign it twice!



Mail Original Petition To The NHPPA

5070 Fountain Street, North
Breslau, Ontario
N0B 1M0

Why 3 million?

It’s 10% of our population and would have a big impact in Ottawa.

Why Should I?

Ensure your fundamental right to manage your own health
Protect all forms of Natural and Traditional medicine treatment and treatment devices
Support appropriate regulations for Natural Health Products
Help create the Ministry of Wellnes

Will This Make A Difference?

Absolutely. If you’ve been an armchair activist and have found yourself commiserating with friends, family and co-workers, do yourself and your country a big favour and act democratically. Politics, law and science are all very exciting.

How Does 1 = 100?

Want to do better? Write a letter. Did you know that a single letter to your MP counts as 100? No Kidding. Parliament has an established rule that if 1 person took that time to write a letter it counts for many more people that feel the same way, but, do not take the time. When you pen your short or long letter KNOW that it is speaking for a 100 others.

Get Involved And Spread The Word

Educate yourself. Read the Charter site. Bit by bit or all at once. Come back to see what’s new. Understand the issues by asking your own questions. Always ask why?

Call or email anytime to understand what concerns or confuses you. We have made ourselves as accessible as possible. You can call to speak to the management teams of any of the organizations or companies you see on our “Friends Of The Charter” page.

Print material off of this site and teach those you know. Let us know what you are doing by sending us an email to describe your efforts.

Start a Facebook page, myspace page, youtube channel.

Add the Charter website banner on your webpage.

Send your networks e-mails about what you read on this site. Forward article and video links.

Perfect Petition Signing
Find businesses, events or happenings going on in your area related to Natural Health.
Find a spot inside (with permission) or outside the venue. You now have yourself the best
opportunity to educate people. Get 25 signatures on a petition and call it a day.

Talk to Canada’s leaders. Remember your rights. Call, e-mail and write your Member of Parliament, the Health Minister and the Prime Minister.

Help our efforts with your time or your financial support. We truly appreciate every donation. We are just like everyone else, but are a small active team at the centre of the movement. We have joined together by common ground and can use all the help we can get. Both through your dollars, connections to media, holding public events and?distributing information.

Got a website and you're the webmaster?

Add a corner banner to your site and show your visitors that you care about your life, your body and your freedom. (A sample of the corner banner can be seen in the upper right section of this page.)

Copy the code snippet below and paste it immediately after, or as close to, the tag in your HTML code.


1. Click on the text area below to select the code?
2. Type CTRL+C (PC) or CMD+C (MAC) to copy the code
3. Type CTRL+V (PC) or CMD+V (MAC) to paste the code into your HTML

Words of Wisdom

From our friends at the Alliance for Natural Health in the UK who say it best...

Be positive

By moving forward together we create a dynamic force for change. Our collective attitude to the much needed paradigm shift we are working towards is of the utmost importance and we cannot afford to feel negative or overwhelmed by the task for we only give more power to that which we are opposing. We invite you to make a commitment here and now to fill your heart and mind with ideas of a successful shift in harmony with nature and respecting our freedoms to choose they way we want to live our lives. Ideas you can revere and not fear
and above all, let’s make sure we have some fun along the way - the process of creation should be an exhilharating ride on the river of life!

Thank you Robert Verkerk., Executive Director at ANH for these wise and true words.


If you act and commit to change The Charter of Health Freedom has the potential to be true and lasting reform of our whole healthcare system.

Today is February 19, 2018

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