• Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
  • Charter of Health Freedom
Afraid Of Your Shadow?

Do You Think You Are Free?

Fear selling is the spreading of information used to manipulate the opinions or behaviours of people. As opposed to objectively providing information, fear selling in the most basic sense, presents information to influence its audience.

Fear selling often presents this information with selective facts (lying by omission) to encourage a particular thinking. It sends loaded messages to produce an emotional response as opposed to a rational one.

The desired result is a change in the perception of people towards the information to further a political agenda. Usually, at the heart of story is money, power and control.

People will willingly give up their freedom for the sake of "safety."

Safe And Sound

The Canadian public is being deceived. They are being told by government, medicine, and media that natural health products (NHPs) are unsafe and more regulation is needed, when in reality there is not one single Canadian death certificate ever that lists an NHP as the cause of death, and NHPs are being regulated off the market! Alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs are all highly regulated and are all leading causes of death. Yet we have access to all of them, and in many cases, unlimited access.

If the true issue were “safety of Canadians”, would this be the case?

Health Canada is, aggressively, removing product after product in the name of safety that millions of Canadians were getting health benefits and relief as life saving medicines.*

*Medicines; any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness; medicament; remedy.

In Hot Water

Levels of fear are turned up by degrees. If done quickly, it would lead to panic. If done slowly, with steady increases, you don’t even realize what is happening.

If you have heard the following strange truth before, I hope you appreciate how well this fits here.

It’s about the boiling frog.

Simply put, if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water; it jumps out. But, as biologists found, if you put a frog in cold water, that is heated to a boil, slowly enough, the water boils; the frog dies. The story is used as a metaphor for waking up people to the fact that if they do not stay aware of gradual change, especially in areas where “authority” uses fear to control, there will be a tragic ending.

Within the context of our rights and freedoms, incremental increases in government and Health Canada policy, which may seem insignificant, are used to make future increases more likely. They set a precedent that allows for dangerous trends in control. What would feel like an absurd restriction, now just seems like a minor amendment, making the increase of control more palatable. 

Becoming Fearless

“People die of fright and live of confidence.”

Henry David Thoreau, American Essayist, Poet, Naturalist

Support an optimistic solution.

We become more confident in making decisions for oursleves when we are aware of the facts adn empowered to think for oursleves. The nature of the natural health community is to be responsible for health in a co-operative relationship between practitioner and client.

The Charter was born to protect natural health products and therapies that we are losing. That is the Charter’s “agenda.” It was created by a constitutional lawyer who specializes in assisting natural health product manufacturers with the Food and Drug Act and regulations. His conversion from mainstream medicine to natural health was pivotal.

The Charter is a hopeful solution to protect us all.

Optimism: not fear.
Health and longevity; not fear.
Independent thought; not fear.
Independent control; not fear.
Choice; not fear.
Access to Information; not fear.
Innovation; not fear.
Freedom of speech; not fear.
Wealth; not fear.
Education; not fear.
Unrestricted research: not fear.
Tolerance; not fear.
Safety; not fear.
Appropriate regulations; not fear.
Hope; not fear.

Just Let It Happen?

There are a number of ways you can restore Canadian law. We need the efforts of the average citizen, not just the natural health community who already part of the converted and doing something about it.

Little actions, mean a whole lot. The focus is on Parliament. Let our government and Supreme Court of Justice in Canada work for us.

As a Canadian, we are all shareholders of another institution, Canada. Remember, every day, that we all own the government of Canada, together. We elect it’s members to take care of our interests and pay us our dividends. Our pay outs are the maintenance; not the restrictions of our human rights, legal rights and our sovereignty. Our health freedoms are the Charter’s vehicle for connecting what the courts say are our rights with the restrictions about to come down the pike.

You Have More Power Than You Think

  • 1 petition* with even 25 signatures is more than enough for you MP to stand up in the house of commons and read it!
  • 1 call or email* from you to your MP counts as 10 people
  • 1 letter* from you counts as 100 people
  • 1 personal visit* from you to your MP or MPP counts as 1000 people!
  • This means that you alone, can speak for an enormous number of Canadians who are having the same thoughts and concerns as you, but do not take action.


*Petition; it must be formally and correctly drafted. http://www.cnhc.ca/en/information/general/how_to_submit_a_proper_petition

*Call or email; Learn clearly about what concerns you so you can be sure of yourself when you call. If you can’t say exactly what you want to, refer the MP to this website.

*Letter; Again, know the facts about your concern. Any one that stands out for you is all you need to focus on. Refer to websites, internet, books, studies or papers that confirm your reasons.

*Personal visit; Make sure you take someone with you as a “witness” to your visit. Take a copy of the Charter, any books or articles that you can leave with them to review, perhaps a copy of Bill C51 (highlighted with your areas of question)

Today is January 21, 2018

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Bill C-51 Dead or Alive?
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